Pulse Trio

Pulse Trio
Musical instrument: 
Mallet Keyboard Percussion


Pulse is a cross-over percussion trio consisting of professional musicians: Tim Ouderits, Evert Van Eynde and Tom Ouderits. Pulse brings music for rhythmic as well as for melodic percussion instruments. Electronic elements are also added. Their performances are highly qualitative regarded both from a musical and from an instrumental-technical point of view. Nevertheless, the music is very accessible. The concerts immerse the audience in a world of melody and rhythm, spectacle and serenity, tension and relaxation and end in an enormous climax. Tim, Evert and Tom made their debut as Pulse on March 7 2004 in Bozar in Brussels. In 2005 they succeeded in winning the first prize awarded by the public in the National Competition for Chamber Music in Almere (The Netherlands). An other achievement was their performance at the International Marimba Competition in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) where their audience consisted of percussionists of world-wide reputation. But Pulse also played at Reflex, a Belgian club, where three thousand people enjoyed their music.

The musicians :

Tim Ouderits (°1975) began his musical career with Chris Lembrechts at the local music academy in Mol. Afterwards he started studying percussion at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp (Belgium) where Leo Ouderits was his teacher. He got his degree of ‘Master in music’ and later got this same degree for chamber music as well as his specialization, both in Leuven (Belgium) at the Lemmens Institute. As a teacher of percussion Tim is active in the local academies of Geel (Belgium) and Mol where he trains and guides the younger generation of percussionists. Tim won the first prize at the Axion Classics Competition in 1994. He has already performed with many different orchestras such as deFilharmonie (the Royal Flemish Philharmonic), the Flanders Opera Symphony Orchestra, Hermes Ensemble, ‘Vier op een Rij’, The Caravelli Grand Orchestra, The Belle Epoque Orchestra and The Galaxy Symphonic Orchestra. Tim is a member of the Mol Percussion Orchestra. He has also co-operated in recording sessions for several artists such as Pur, José Carreras and Harry Van Hoof. In 2004 he recorded a Christmas CD together with Ludwig Albert, An Lemmens and Evert Van Eynde.

Evert Van Eynde (°1979) got his first lessons in percussion from Willy Guns at the local music academy in Geel. He continued his studies in music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven with Leo Ouderits and got his degree of ‘Master in music’ for percussion and chamber music as well as a specialisation for both. Evert has already won several prizes among which the Axion Classics and the Yamaha scholarship in 2001. As a performing musician he has appeared on stage with many different orchestras and ensembles such as the Symphonic Orchestra of the Munt (Belgium), the Flanders Opera Symphony Orchestra, deFilharmonie, the Mol Percussion Orchestra, Hermes Ensemble and I Fiamminghi. In 1998 he played a solo concert with deFilharmonie on which he performed a marimba concerto by Ifukube. Evert is a teacher of percussion both at the local academies of Mol and Tongeren (Belgium) and at the conservatory of Mechelen (Belgium) and The Lemmens Institute.
For Tom Ouderits (°1978) the doors of the music academy opened when he started taking classes with Chris Lembrechts in Mol. After this training he started studying at the Lemmens Institute with Leo Ouderits and got his degrees in percussion and chamber music and his specialization in chamber music.

Tom currently teaches at the academies of Mol and Londerzeel as well as at the Leuven conservatory. He is also involved in many different projects and has played with the Flanders Opera Symphony Orchestra, the Belgian National Orchestra, The Mol Percussion Orchestra, Hermes Ensemble, the Scala Youth Choir and The Caravelli Grand Orchestra. Tom’s musical skills can also be heard on recordings from artists as José Carreras, Harry Van Hoof, Wibi Soerjadi and Pur.