Francesca Santangelo

Francesca Santangelo
Musical instrument: 
Several percussions


Francesca Santangelo plays on Bergerault Instruments since 2008.

She is traveling the World of Percussion.

Her musical education in Percussion began at the age of 8 with Prof. Antonio Santangelo. In the Santangelo Family she is a Percussionist in fourth Generation.

She completed successfully her  „Diploma in Strumenti a Percussione“ at Conservatorio di Musica “G.B.Pergolesi” Fermo, Italy with Professor A. Santangelo, her “Diplom KA in klassischem Schlagzeug“ at theStaatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart with Prof. Klaus Tresselt and Prof. Marta Klimasara and the "Advanced Studies Percussion” at the Freiburger Musikhochschule with Prof. Bernhard Wulff, Prof. Taijiro Miyazaki and Pascal Pons.

Her approach to music is the key of her success:

"Once I decide to play a piece - it may be a Cello Suite by Bach on the marimba or something contemporary as Linea by Berio - then I research in the piece, I analyze it, feel it. And each piece has a background, has a "why" it was created. What did the composer wanted to communicate? And what do I want to communicate?”

Beeing always curious, staying open-minded and discovering the world of Percussion from so many perspectives led her to play with many known artists together on stage, playing in Orchestras such as the OSN Torino  and being invited to Percussion Festivals as a Soloist and a Teacher all over the world.

In addition to her musical career Francesca Santangelo is one of the artistic directors of the “Days of Percussion - Italy”. Since the first festival she translates the Masterclasses of the invited artists, this task became a precious library of methods and approaches for her.


• Diploma in English, French and German

• 2004/2005 “Diploma in Strumenti a Percussione” 
      Conservatorio di Musica “G.B.Pergolesi” Fermo, Italy

• 2007 Diploma in “klassischem Schlagzeug”
       Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart

• 2012 Abschluss "Advanced Studies Schlagzeug" an der Freiburger.
Musikhochschule bei Prof. Bernhard Wulff und Prof. Taijiro Miyazaki 

Selection of appearances: 

  • 2015                     Croatia – Ivana Billic Marimba Week                    
  • 2015                     Poland – Poznań: „Akademia Muzyczna

                               im. Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego“  Concert & Masterclass 11.April

  • 2015                     Russia -  St. Pertersburg Concert & Masterclass
  • 2014                     Belgium: Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen - Masterclass
  • 2014                     Italy - 12th Edition of Days of Percussion – Italy

                               Concert with Casey Cangelosi, Liu-Hang, Claudio Santangelo

  • 2013                     Slovenia, Bum Festival
  • 2011                     Mongolei, Roaring Hooves Festival

                                    Aserbaijan, Caspian Fires


                                    Germany, National Theater Mannheim, Bang on it - Ballett 

·         2009      Costa Rica “REpercussionES  Festival”
               Argentina Patagonia “Percussion Festival”
               Spanien Ribarroja (Valencia) “XI Jornadas Internationales de Percussion”
               Kroatien Groznjan “Summer Percussion Academy" 
               Fermo 7° Festival Internazionale “Giornate della Percussione”

·         2008 5th International Percussion Ensemble week 07.13 Gennaio  - Bjelovar (Croazia)

·         2007 Festival Internazionale “Days of Percussion” – Costa Rica

·         2006 4° Festival Internazionale “Giornate della Percussione – Fermo
          Tour in China mit der Mannheimer Orchestra
          Paris,  Conservatoire Superieur “perKumania” European  Percussion Ensemble

·         2005 30° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte di Montepulciano per l’esecuzione del 
         Don Chisciotte di Paisiello/Henze,  trasmessa dalla  RAI Radio Tre;
         Conservatorio Superiore di Parigi Rassegna “Jeunes Interprétes Européens”

·         2004 2° Festival Internazionale “Giornate della Percussione – Fermo

·         2003 40° Festival Nuova Consonanza – Roma

·         2002 Amici della Musica - Ancona

·         2001 XI ed. Concerti al Cucumella  - Sorrento

·         2000 Sala “T.L. Da Victoria” - Roma

·         1996 (11 anni) Auditorim di Montecarlo

Solo Concerts with Orchestras
• 2009 Tour di 8 Concerti con l’ Orchestra della Magna Grecia di Taranto 
     Direttore M° Luis BACALOV

• 2006 Orchestra Sinfonica di Fermo
  (Vincitrice della Rassegna “Solisti con l’Orchestra”)

• 2005 Orchestra Sinfonica “Le Muse”
      (Prima esecuzione del Concerto “Tre Danze”  per Marimba e  Archi op.129 di  T. Procaccini)

• 2004 Orchestra d’Archi “Prealudium Ensemble”

• 2001 Orchestra Filarmonica “Banatul” di Timisoara
      ( esecuzione in Prima Assoluta in Romania del Concerto di T. Mayuzumi per xilofono e orchestra)

• 2000 Orchestra Filarmonica “P.J.Ciajkowskij” di Jhewsk (Russia)

• 1998 Orchestra da Camera di Tirana

• 1998 Orchestra Sinfonica “U.Giordano” di Foggia

• 1998 Orchestra  Filarmonica di UDMURTIA (Russia)

National and International Competitions

First prices:

·         2011 Förderpreis in Fach Musikpädagogik – 59. Hochschulwettbewerb der deutschen Musikhochschulen
 Concorso Internazionale “Piccoli Mozart”  - Montecarlo

·         7° Concorso Musicale Internazionale “Riviera del Conero”  - Ancona

·         6° Concorso di Esecuzione Musicale “Edizione Europea”  - Barletta

·         University of the Arts - Brema

·         10° Concorso Europeo di Musica A.M.LE.  - Monopoli

·         Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe” Milano

·         9 edizione del TIM “Torneo Internazionale di Musica” Diploma d’Onore  - Roma

·         V International Competition of music “Mario Plevano” - Teramo

·         1° Drums Open Competition - Fermo

·         6° Concorso Nazionale di Musica -  Ruvo di Puglia

·         Concorso Nazionale “Giovani Promesse “ - Taranto

·         11° Concorso Nazionale “G.Battista Pergolesi” -  Napoli

·         2° Rassegna Nazionale “Giovanissimi Talenti” - Tran

·         Concorso di esecuzione strumentale “L.Muzii Altruda” - Vasto

·         Concorso Nazionale “Giovani Musicisti” - Ortona

·         Concorso Nazionale “Giovani Musicisti” - Vasto

·         Audizioni Rassegna “Giovani Concertisti” - Teramo

·         IX  Rassegna Musicale “Migliori Diplomati d’Italia dell’anno 2004  - Castrocaro Terme

·         Master Classes 

·         Evelyn Glennie, Leigh H. Stevens, Keiko Abe, Ney Rosauro, Mike Quinn, Lalo Davila, Victor Mendoza,  Jasmin Kolberg, Ruud Wiener, She- e Wu, Marta Klimasara, Tim Adams, Michael Burritt, John Beck, Keith Aleo, Momoko Kamiya, Ludwig Albert etc…


·         2007 bis 2008 percussionist in the Orchestra of the Theater in Freiburg