Professional Percussions

Voyager Series Timpani

Bergerault Voyager Series timpani are especially designed for education and pit orchestra settings.

Manufactured with deep cambered fiberglass reinforced polyester, aluminum or a copper bowl, the construction results in extremely light weight and advanced performance features.

The design of the friction clutch mechanism renders the pedal action exceptionally light and the uniquely designed spring system ensures smooth pedal action over the full range of almost one octave.

A fine tuner (Optional) in combination with a deep cambered bowl produce a darker and more focused sound than other Voyager Models and will convince every timpani player.

The height adjustable legs slide completely into the bowl so the instrument can easily be stored and carried in reinforced gig bags.

Available in deep bowl


  • Octave Range with quickly adjusted tuning gauge 
  • White  and  Black lettering  easily read in low light conditions
  • Tuning Gauge included in all versions
  • European style stop clutch pedal mechanism
  • Retractable leg
  • Reinforced front leg on wheel
  • Deep cambered bowls
  • Six square head tuning taps
  • Three retractable legs
  • Mallet Holder (Optional) and tuning keys included
  • Remo Renaissance head with 2” extension of the head over the bearing edge


Hand Hammered Copper: 

20’’ (50 cm) Ref. VI20DKH
23’’ (60 cm) Ref. VI23DKH
26’’ (67 cm) Ref. SS26DKH
29’’ (74 cm) Ref. VI29DKH
32” (82 cm) Ref. VI32DKH


20’’ (50 cm) Ref. VI20AC
23’’ (60 cm) Ref. VI23AC
26’’ (67 cm) Ref. VI26AC
29’’ (74 cm) Ref. VI29AC
32’’ (82 cm) Ref. VI32AC

Polished Copper: 

20’’ (50 cm) Ref. VI20DKP
23’’ (60 cm) Ref. VI23DKP
26’’ (67 cm) Ref. VI26DKP
29’’ (74 cm) Ref. VI29DKP
32’’ (82 cm) Ref. VI32DKP


23’’ (60 cm) Ref. VI23F
26’’ (67 cm) Ref. VI26F
29’’ (74 cm) Ref. VI29F
32’’ (82 cm) Ref. VI32F


Follow the links to get more details about the accessories

Protection plate
Ref. BE-PT.

BERGERAULT Timpani mallets
Ref BE-T1  Soft 
Ref BE-T2  Medium
Ref BE-T3  Hard

Smoothie Slide

Trap Table
Ref BS027 for the plate 36*60*5 cm
Ref BS026 for Heavy double base stand, chrome plated

Timpani head tuner
Ref DD

Timpani Head all models BERGERAULT by “REMO RENAISSANCE”
Bowl Ø 20” (51 cm)  Réf.RA2200
Bowl Ø 23” (58 cm)  Réf. RA2500
Bowl Ø 26” (66 cm)  Réf. RA2800
Bowl Ø 29” (74 cm)  Réf. RA 3100
Bowl Ø 32” (81 cm)  Réf. RA3400

Reinforced protection cover
Bowls Ø 32/81 cm -  Ø 30/76 cm - Ø 28/76 cm - 25/81 cm - 22.5/57 cm

Stool for percussionist
Ref. B1021

Asynchronous Chair for Percussionist 
Réf. B1008

Voyager reinforced gig bag
Ref VGB20/32

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