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SRS50R - Signature 5.0 Octave RT Marimba

Inspired by Dynasty Bergerault artist She E-Wu, the Bergerault Signature Series RT (Round Tube) KM-SRS50R marimba produces a rich, warm sound with great projection. This instrument features hand selected rosewood. The bottom three octaves are equipped with individually tunable resonators.

The frame is constructed of beautiful stained hardwood attached to an extremely rigid metal frame. Rails are built with steel interlocking and hinged connectors to avoid sagging.

Resonators have a two position height adjustment. Instrument height is adjustable from 860 mm to 1100 mm with 4" casters.

Dimensions: 2590 mm Long with ends 1060 mm and 410 mm Wide


Honduras rosewood
From 80 to 40 mm Wide and 26 to 20 mm Thickness
from C2 to C7
Standard tuning: 


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Trap Table
Ref BS027 for the plate 36x60x5 cm
Ref BS028 for the compartmentalized plate 36x60x5 cm
Ref BS026 for Heavy double base stand, chrome plated

BERGERAULT Marimba Elite Etude Mallets
Ref BE-EE1 Soft-Red
Ref BE-EE2 Medium-Green
Ref BE-EE3 Hard medium-Black
Ref BE-EE4 Staccato- Yellow

BERGERAULT Marimba Elite Pro Mallets
Ref BE-EP1 Soft-Red
Ref BE-EP2 Medium- Green
Ref BE-EP3 Medium hard- Black
Ref BE-EP4 Staccato- Yellow

BERGERAULT Marimba Etude Mallets
Ref BE-M1 Soft-Brown
Ref BE-M2 Medium-Green
Ref BE-M3 Hard medium- Green

Professional bags for Mallets
Ref SBGM Great Model
Ref SBPM Small Model

Flight Case

On wheels Reinforced bags for 5 Octaves Marimba

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