Professional Percussions

CAP1 - Symphonic

Two years ago Bergerault introduced the CAP1 Symphonic crotales. By adapting the traditional tuned crotales (antique cymbals) with a foot pedal damper, Bergerault has created a modern, innovative instrument for symphonic orchestras. These instruments, integrated in a contemporary repertory, are bronze cast and can be assembled on a standard stand.
Available with a double base chrome stand with the reference CAS1


  • Vibraphone damper mechanism
  • Adjustable height


1 octave C7 to C8
Standard tuning: 
A = 442 Hz
1400 mm
570-250 mm
Adjustable Height: 
820 to 970 mm


Follow the links to get more details about the accesories

Stands and bases
Ref BS140  Chassis with 2 levels
Ref BS026  Double base chrome stand

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