Field Percussions

KM- PR45G Performance 4.5 Octave Rosewood Marimba with Gridiron Frame

The Performance line of instruments were designed and field tested with the assistance of leading drum corps educators.
The instrument produces a warm, rich tone with outstanding projection. Performance Series instruments are used by many of the
top drum corps and indoor drum lines. Available with concert or gridiron field frame. This instrument will give your ensemble the
competitive edge you are looking for. Black textured powder coated resonators will prolong the life and beauty of the

Height is adjustable from 29"-37"

Interchangeable Rosewood and Synthetic bars

Dimensions : 88' Long and 38 3/16 Wide



Rosewood bars

From 1' 9/16 to 3' 3/8  x  13/16' to 11/16'

4.5 Octave F2 to C7
Standard Tuning: 
A = 442 Hz
Adjustable Height: 
Height is adjustable from 29"-37"