March events

Gespeichert von Bergerault am

Bergerault will participate this month to two major events.

We will be at Reims (France) the 23rd of March for the Percussion Festival "Champagne et Mailloches" at the Conservatory of Reims.

We will be also at thePercussion Festival "Konktakt" wich will take place at Saint Nazaire (France) the 29 and 30 March.

A new blog to celebrate the 80th Bergerault Birthday

Gespeichert von Bergerault am

For his 80th Birthday, Bergerault lauch a new blog. Pictures, events, press articles ... all you can learn about Bergerault since 1932 is shown online.

A special contest with prices is also open on the blog from the 14/01/2013 to the 14/03/2013.

Just follow the link!